Polygraph Test: Passed

At his attorney Harold Braun’s suggestion, Donald J. Bohana took a polygraph test from a top FBI instructor, Dr. Edward Gelb. Bohana scored a 99.99% no deception indicated (NDI) on the test. What about the .01%?

Gelb said, “Mr. Bohana, nothing in life is 100%. I consider your score validating you have been truthful.”

Even so, Deputy DA Patricia Titus later said, “We are not interested in any polygraph.”

At pre-trail hearings, Braun told Judge Lyght that he would be making a motion to admit the polygraph results because at the Grand Jury hearing it was allegedly stated that Donald Bohana had refused to take such a test. David Posey also said Bohana refused to take a polygraph test.

The statements were false, but the District Attorney’s office did not seem to care. Should a polygraph at least be one factor considered during a murder trial?